A Little About Me

I have always had a love for the arts. Growing up, my mother always encouraged me to go for my dreams. Throughout high school I was in bands as a drummer, picking up guitar and singing and going back to piano. I also had a digital camera and started playing with video function at school, I received my AA at American River College with a “Commercial Music” degree. I transferred to SFSU and obtained a bachelors in “Radio & Television”. 

Following graduation I interned at a studio in San Francisco and began writing music for different reality shows. As my music progressed, I also began producing my own music videos. I signed multiple publishing deals and have written music for all sorts of channels and commercials and continue to do so. 

In 2015 I married the love of my life Kristina. This day was very emotional for me and I was so glad it was captured by such great photographers and videographers. 

Kristina has a gift of planning and organizing and uses it with her business https://www.eventsbykristinaelyse.com. Some of her weddings needed videography and the rest is history! 

Our home is in northern Sacramento, CA with 3 dogs. We both work independently and sometimes together. She is very active in the wedding industry, and I always have a music or video project I am working on. We enjoy going to wineries and traveling in our self renovated RV (#tinyliving).

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