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Made me feel very comfortable. I am really like his laid back style. Also, very accommodating to the student needs. -Hilary T.
David is an excellent vocal coach! He has helped me expand my vocal range and power. He has even helped me with songwriting. He is active in the music industry and shares his experience with his students. A great value! -Kevin S.
I had no prior singing experience before meeting David. I couldn't even remotely find the pitch or key that was being played in a song with my voice when trying to match it. After two months of one on ones for an hour every week, I've seen massive gains and improvements. Not just in my confidence, but in my ability to match pitch, widen my range and become a more flexible singer overall....
A big part of success is practicing on your own after the lessons, however, David really does do a great job of zoning in on your weaknesses and helping you through them step by step. I highly recommend him for any singing lessons you're interested in pursuing. I know I'll continue to go to him for all of my vocal needs. Keep up the great work David! -Thomas C.

Sing Better. Now.

Hi! I’m David and hopefully we get to work together. I work with virtually all ages, styles, and experience levels. Dedicated to helping reach your full vocal potential, my comprehensive approach includes fundamental to advanced vocal technique, performance training, studio recording, songwriting, and artist development.

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What is your level?


Beginners aren't necessarily younger. They often need to learn the basics of singing and music and have little to no experience. We cover important fundamentals of vocal technique, singing high and low notes, how to use a microphone, singing on pitch, and rhythm.


Intermediate-level singers have some experience, and feel decently confident but want to train for upcoming performances, fix breaks/flips in their voice, increase their range and power, increase confidence, learn to harmonize, learn to song-write.

Advanced Artist

Advanced singers have the most experience, often perform regularly and feel fairly confident in their voice, but may have specific issues that need addressing and fine-tuning. Typically getting into more artist development, songwriting and consultation services to help advance your career.

What You Will Get With Vocal Lessons

Expert Coaching

Receive expert coaching from David James, a seasoned vocal professional with over 14 years of experience coaching, performing, and producing.

Personalized Sessions

Get personalized lessons tailored to your unique needs, skill level, and goals, ensuring that you make progress and achieve success.

A Path To Your Dreams

It sounds crazy, but we have virtually all of the tools to get there. Are you ready to go for it?

Performance Opportunities

Roughly every 4-5 months a recorded showcase with you on stage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Currently coach singers ranging between 8-78. It’s never too late to sing.

Most styles of music but primarily pop, rock, and musical theater. 

Very rarely will people have amusia, unless there is a mental disability, virtually everyone can learn how to sing, and sing on pitch.  Ear training is one of the first steps to work on with some people who lack musical experience.  David has had many people who couldn’t hit a note to save their souls, quickly develop proper ear training.

Typical lessons last about 30 minutes.  Some singers like to do 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Every week, or every other week are options. Many artists I work with are constantly recording.

Experience. There are good vocal teachers out there.  You might notice many of them just vocal coach, which can be a good thing or a bad thing.  David performs and records regularly and can give valuable insight of what it is to be a gigging singer/songwriter and can give performance coaching help with marketing etc.  

Yes! David works with students/artists across the world on skype, facetime or if preferred zoom. An online session is virtually just as effective as in-person lessons for vocal technique. For producing, screen-sharing and a high quality direct studio output link is sent to the artist. 

Ready to Take Your Vocal Skills to the Next Level?

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